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Coder, designer, and entrepreneur in beautiful San Francisco. Cofounder of InfiniteRed. Friendly and happy runner, health nut, and plant eater. Creator of RMQ - RubyMotionQuery and the writer of the RubyMotion Dispatch

RubyMotion #inspect 2014 conference

InfiniteRed is co-organizing this year’s RubyMotion #inspect conference with HipByte, the makers of RubyMotion. I will be speaking at the conference. Join us for an educational and fun time.

Temple has risen to 6th place

It’s been a very exciting this weekend here at InfiniteRed. On Friday Temple broke into the top 10 in the App Store in our category: Health & Fitness. Then on Saturday, Temple made it all the way to 6th place, with esteemed company such as RunKeeper and Nike+....

RubyMotionQuery – RMQ

I just finished the alpha of RMQ, a library I’ve been working on for months (off and on, but a lot in the last few weeks). You can read about it here  
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Launching Temple

I’m very excited to announce that we at my company (InfiniteRed) have just released our first app. It’s called Temple, and it’s designed to track your health and fitness goals. Check it out:        
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Dirty Dozen race in Richmond CA

Here are some pictures I took of the Dirty Dozen trail race. I didn’t do the full 6 hours, but I totally want to next year. It was a really fun course, and Brazen Racing is awesome.
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A simple Color wrapper for RubyMotion

Use like so: Color.clear # RubyMotion class Color < UIColor class << self alias :clear :clearColor alias :white :whiteColor alias :lightgray :lightGrayColor alias :gray :grayColor alias :darkgray :darkGrayColor alias :black :blackColor alias :red :redColor alias :green...

Run 365 miles in 365 days

Join us as we run, run/walk, or walk an average of 7 miles per week. My wife and I created a Facebook page last year and it went well, so we’re continuing it.  I personally did around 400 miles last year. I want to make that 500 this year. Everyone is welcome. Since...