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RubyMotion #inspect 2014 conference

InfiniteRed is co-organizing this year’s RubyMotion #inspect conference with HipByte, the makers of RubyMotion. I will be speaking at the conference. Join us for an educational and fun time.

Temple has risen to 6th place

It’s been a very exciting this weekend here at InfiniteRed. On Friday Temple broke into the top 10 in the App Store in our category: Health & Fitness. Then on Saturday, Temple made it all the way to 6th place, with esteemed company such as RunKeeper and Nike+....

RubyMotionQuery – RMQ

I just finished the alpha of RMQ, a library I’ve been working on for months (off and on, but a lot in the last few weeks). You can read about it here  
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Launching Temple

I’m very excited to announce that we at my company (InfiniteRed) have just released our first app. It’s called Temple, and it’s designed to track your health and fitness goals. Check it out:        
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A simple Color wrapper for RubyMotion

Use like so: Color.clear # RubyMotion class Color < UIColor class << self alias :clear :clearColor alias :white :whiteColor alias :lightgray :lightGrayColor alias :gray :grayColor alias :darkgray :darkGrayColor alias :black :blackColor alias :red :redColor alias :green...

The original IR_Black for OS X Lion

A while back, when Lion was in beta, @fyrabanks provided me with an updated IR_Black theme for Lion’s Terminal (original IR_Black article. Because Terminal now lets you change the colors, SIMBL is no longer required. Install Theme Download the theme file here. Double click...

Bashmarks – Bookmarking for the command-line

Bashmarks is a simple set of bash functions that allows you to bookmark folders in the command-line.
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My Vim configuration files

Some people in the comments of this article and this article requested my vimrc file. Rather than just providing it, I think it is better to check it into a source repository so people can get the latest version. You can get all my Vim files here: GitHub Repository I prefer to...
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The original IR_Black – The last Vim color scheme you’ll ever need

Color Scheme This color scheme is based off of my popular IR_Black theme for TextMate. When thinking of vim or vi, visually appealing UI doesn’t normally enter your mind. But that isn’t due to a lack of features, because its support for syntax coloring is one the best...
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